Kopenhagen urban walking: layers, plotting, aerial street patterns and diverse visualisations

After a bit of a hiatus (for info go to: waymarkingthesketchbook) I’m still finding the act of capturing GPS data from walks I’ve taken interesting. Especially when layered onto a range of maps (from GPS Visualiser).

I enjoy seeing the grain and pattern of the streets, the shapes of the buildings, roads, public spaces, green spaces. And seeing how different maps present the same streets visually.

And of course remembering each walk, the paths taken, and seeing it plotted out. This was my first trip to Kopenhagen (April 2015), explored on foot for three days. Here are a some mapped visualisations of the walks.

1. World Topo

Map 13 Track 1 world topo

2. Open Street Maps

Map 11 Track 1 openstreetmap MQ

3. Google Aerial

Map 7 Track 7 and 2, to market-cropped

4. Open Topo Maps

Map 15 Track 2 OpenTopoMap

5. Open Street Maps

Map 6 Track 5 OpenStreetMap-cropped

6. Google Aerial

Map 8 Track 7 and 2, to market close up

7. Google Earth

Map 1 Track 1 Close up #2 Tivoli Gardens


About waymarkingthesketchbook

Sarah Spanton is director of arts organisation Waymarking - www.waymarking.org.uk
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